LightWave 2018.0.1 (Build 3064) Final Release


2018.0.1 will install into its own directory. 2018.0.1 uses the same license as your 2018.0 license - just drag-and-drop the license into the interface of 2018.0.1 when first launching 2018.0.1.

Apple installer digitally signed correctly for OSX.

Improved GI sampling for multi-layered BSDFs.

Improved volumetric sampling quality.

'Fit to Background' script was showing up in 'Edit Menus' as RESOURCE("Fit to Background")

Changed the 'Play Forward' / 'Play Backward' time-line commands to toggle playing / stopping.

LB-4488 'Radiosity button called PRadiosity' - Changed to 'Enable Radiosity', as that's what the command does.

LB-4516 BSDF produces a worse GI than standard material

LB-4549 Multilayer EXR files not writing if a buffer has a custom name that's only a single character

LB-4567 Cel-Shader hard crash. switching integrators with VPR running has a spurious destroy(). add init if data is null./

LB-4588 'Object files out of date wile saving' - Changed AskToSaveAllObjects() function requester title to be 'Save Objects' as that's all this function ever does.

LB-4593 Interpolated GI is doubling the GI intensity

LB-4597 Hard Crasher In OpenVDB

LB-4601 no ability to change light type via the SDK

LB-4602 Image Viewer with limited range render gets messed up on hide/unhide

LB-4603 GI has SEVERE issues.

LB-4604 Adaptive Sampling appears to be broken

LB-4612 'BandGlue Tool location' - now set proper

LB-4613 The str_to_itemid() helper function now throws a Python exception if any data type other than string is provided.

LB-4620 The Modeler 'LW_Python' CMDSEQ command now accepts a path to a Modeler Python script to be executed.

LB-4622 Render panel shows wrong status with edge rendering

LB-4624 FBX export is broken on GM

LB-4625 lwsdk.LWCameraInfo() problems

LB-4631 IK Booster load/save handler not initializing correctly

LB-4636 FBX import from other sources not proper in LightWave 2018

LB-4638 Primitive light incorrect visibility

LB-4639 Volumetric indirect buffer is wrong

LB-4640 Volumetrics needs a transmittance buffer

LB-4642 Mac/Win minimize gadget inconsistent for Qt-based panels

LB-4643 Layout/Modeler/Hub crash on quit after fresh start

LB-4645 Nodal textures should export to FBX

LWB-2796 FBX Export: Surfaces are not working

LWB-2803 IES Volumetric Light Problem

LWB-2826 OpenVDB crashes

LWB-2834 Swirl doesn't work with deformed geometry. fix other position error.

LWB-2846 An order of operations problem caused writing into a released pointer, leading to heap corruption.

LWB-2850 Axis translate snapping not working as expected

LWB-2857 headlight contributes differently in PBRGLSL - user wants same as GLSL

LWB-2859 FiberFX Fiber Width and Splay Problems. fix for 0m guide offset.

LWB-2864 Knowledge of Volumetric plug-ins had been disabled in LScript during 2018 development and not restored.

LWB-2864 Removed a pair of Generic LScripts that managed Volumetric plug-in usage.

LWB-2870 Updated the CommandPort settings to use '2018' instead of '2016'.

LWB-2872 Node plugins with a name starting with a digit cause a crash

LWB-2873 OpenVDB Node crashes when used in the Volume Scattering node editor

LWB-2877 Copy to Clipboard and PS CS 5.5

LWB-2879 crash when opening scene editor

LWB-2883 photometric info crash

LWB-2884 DragNetwork Crash

LWB-2885 Crash with manual Surface Conversion

LWB-2929 VPR restarts when it shouldn't

LWB-2933 'Use PBRGLSL is missing' from menus - added.

LWB-2939 Render status window always reports RecFltr = Classic

LWB-2952 The NRC Service configuration is now stored in the /Users/Shared folder, if it is available.

LWB-2952 The OS X version of the NRC Controller was using a different path for locating it's configuration file than that used by the Installer. The two are now in sync.

LWB-2954 Multiple Photometric lights

LWB-2956 Linear Light wrong size in OGL view-port.

LWB-2975 Last LW Joint segment inactive after import from FBX

LWB-2977 View-port freezing while rotating around the scene

LWB-2980 Primitive Shapes don't match openGL representation. Fix up drawing math

LWB-2981 Primitive Light can be scaled/stretched. restore scaling/stretching gizmos.

LWB-2983 SegmentMemory affects nothing and needs to be removed

LWB-2990 Render status window always reports RecFltr = Classic

LWB-2993 Legacy Camera Reconstruction filter defaults to Gaussian in 2018

LWB-2995 GI Sample BG issues with simple gradient

LWB-2996 OSX Presets get overwritten if created too fast

LWF-1248 Modeler quits with "close window" shortcut